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Aeron Chair best in the past 100 years

Written by Workarena | Published on 13 Apr 2015
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 The Herman Miller Aeron Chair has been voted one of the 12 best designs of the past 100 years. 

"To mark World Industrial Design Day, CNN asked some of the world’s greatest designers to nominate what they believed to be the most iconic industrial designs from the past 100 years. The Herman Miller Aeron chair came in at number 8, joining a list of esteemed designs from the Apple Mac to Piaggio’s Vespa, the Airbus A380 and Ford Model T."

George McCain, chairman of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) had this to say about the innovative task chair:  " It ihas become ubiquitous in all 'hip' offices....It instigated a sea change in office seating away from heavy, uncomfortable, ergonomically challenged and environmentally unfriendly chairs."

The Aeron chair is a staple of Workarena's range, fully specified B size and C size chairs are regularly kept in stock. 

See the original article by Monique Rivalland for CNN here.