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Mobile Technology Carts.

Product Story
Our goal, in Herman Miller for Healthcare, is to solve our customers' problems better than anyone else. Take our height-adjustable Mobile Technology Carts, for example. We think they provide the best way to streamline the transfer of information between work areas and patient bedsides or other points of care. One for a laptop, one for a flat-panel monitor, keyboard, and CPU.
Flexible and Adaptable
The Mobile Technology Carts adapt to you, not the other way around. Simple and easy-to-make height adjustments position the cart work surface anywhere in an 457mm range (736mm-1194mm) for sit-down or stand-up work
Ergonomic Advantages
We design all of our products – from extensive panel systems to small carts like these – with your health in mind. Ergonomic features of the mobile carts include rounded corners and a softer surface material than metal. Edges and pulls are smooth and sturdy
Make the Cart You Need
A line of helpful accessories let you outfit either cart to suit your specific needs. You can add a cable management holder; power strip with four medical-grade AC outlets; sharps container with holder; cable management holder with reusable ties; 2134mm coiled power cord; lockable drawer; bar code scanner holder; and vertically adjustable utility basket.

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