Constantly changing Carts

Procedure/Supply Carts.

Product Story
The healthcare environment is demanding and constantly changing. These tough, durable carts are designed to meet the demands you have today and make change easy as your needs change. A modular cart system means universal sizes and easily interchangeable drawers and accessories.

Our flexible and adaptable solution expands your storage and transport capabilities, saves you time and money, and improves efficiency and productivity.

Build the Cart You Need
Procedure/supply cart, utility cart, med/surg supply cart, linen storage cart – a variety of cart bodies and a wide selection of modular, lightweight, interchangeable interior components and accessories make it easy to create the cart you need.When your needs change, just exchange the components to create new functionality.

Strong, Workhorse Performance
Your cart is ready for a workout. Our test lab technicians put carts through rigorous tests, simulating the conditions of a fast-paced hospital environment, making sure they'll stand up to your real-world use. We try tipping them, pushing them into walls at high speeds, loading them to capacity and then making sure drawers won't fall out, testing surface strength, locks, casters – and a lot more.
Easy to Use
Procedure/supply carts are easy to maneuver and push, even when fully loaded. No more navigating poorly aligned and heavy carts down crowded hallways or into and out of elevators.Operation is self-evident, and it's easy for staff to add, remove, and change out drawers, shelves, racks, baskets, bins, and other components without tools.

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