Clean & Modern Pause

Pause Multiple.

 Product Story
The clean, modern frame and crisp lines of Pause Multiple Seating bring a fresh, contemporary appeal to lounges and waiting areas. A choice of wood or metal arms and legs allow you to vary the look, and repositionable center arms let you change the number and width of seats to accommodate many needs.

Durability and Strength
Pause comes with either a solid hardwood frame for durability or optional powder-coated metal frame. The steel interior frame with suspended beam structure provides additional strength and exceptional cleaning access.

Unprecedented Flexibility
Pause allows you to change the seating position and width in the field so you can respond to real time needs for your facility.

Comfort and Easy Clean
Quilted upholstery adds a hospitality look and feel while reducing wear
Optional wallsaver glides protect walls from scuffs and the wipe out design makes cleaning easy.

Comfort and Support
The back rest flexes to provide dynamic support and the repositional arms make egress and ingress simple.

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