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Setu Lounge Chair.
Herman Miller

The Setu Lounge Chair combines ultimate comfort with a sleek, sophisticated style that looks good anywhere. From the moment you sit down, you and the chair move as one. The comfort comes from the simple complexity of the chair's Kinematic Spine, which combines strength and flexibility that allow for varying reclining positions while providing continuous support. White, Graphite, mesh or fabric, the options are endless.  Designed by Studio 7.5 - 2003.


Herman Miller Setu Lounge Chair

Categories:  Residential / Breakout / Hospitality / Living / Lounge

  • Dimensions
    • See image gallery for dimension diagram.
  • Finishes
    • Base- 3 Finish Options
    • Frame- 5 Colour Options
    • Seat- Lyris Suspension or Upholstered
    • Back- Lyris Suspension or Upholstered
    • Please contact us for further details.