Pop Art. Brillo.

Andy Warhol Brillo Pouf.
Andy Warhol + Quinze & Milan

 Celebrating the design legacy of Andy Warhol twenty-six years after his death, Quinze & Milan has joined The Andy Warhol Foundation to create the Brillo Box Pouf.

Made of supportive QM Foam, this functional replica of Warhol’s Pop sculpture is a versatile piece of Pop Art.

Every Brillo Pouf is coated and silk screened by hand. Art, not industry. The Andy Warhol Foundation and Quinze & Milan. 

Categories: Breakout / Residential / Reception / Hopsitality / Cafe


  • Dimensions
    • Height - 400mm
    • Width - 400mm
    • Depth - 400mm
  • Finishes
    • Colours - White or Yellow.