Get Active. Activity.

Activity Chair.
POSH by Herman Miller

 Get Active with the Activity Chair. 

The Activity Chair is an original chair design from the POSH Design Lab with human movement in mind. With a weight-sensitive tilt mechanism that automatically responds to your body, Activity delivers comfort in an instant.

Every element of the Activity Chair is designed for motion. The Activeback is a lightweight back rest, composed of a combination of Polyamides and glass fibre, which is tough yet flexible in all the right places.The cutout pattern creates a streamlined aesthetic as well as providing heat circulation. Upholstered back pads and adjustable head rest options are available to match the seat to add warmth and a pop of colour. 

The Activity char is a versatile family of task seating for any space, from focus task work to boardroom and casual meetings. 

 Categories: Office chair / Commercial / Meeting / Task

  • Dimensions
    • Height no Headrest- 970-1080mm
    • Height with Headrest- 1180-1290mm
    • Seat Height- 390-500mm
    • Seat Depth- 380-430mm
    • Seat Width- 490mm
  • Finishes
    • Frame - White,Black,Grey
    • Fabrics - Contact us for more information.