A little Eames. Low.

Eames Wire Base Low Table.

HermanMiller Collection

Charles & Ray Eames - 1950

Any interior can be brightened up with a little Eames, and these small tables bear the hallmarks of classic Eames design. Line a few of them up to work like a coffee table. Use them as bedside tables. Stack one on top of another to serve as an end table next to a sofa. Scatter them around a room or put them outdoors on your deck or patio. Anywhere you need a small surface that makes a big statement.

  • Dimensions
    • Height- 254mm
    • Width- 394mm
    • Depth- 336mm
  • Finishes
    • Base- White, Black, Trivalent Chrome
    • Top- Laminate - White or Black
    • Top- Veneer - 3 Options
    • Top- Stone - 4 Options
    • Please contact us for further details.